Project and MRKet

This week was an eventful time in the fashion world, and here at Savile Row Society we made sure we were a part of it. Since we want to help sculpt you into the best version of yourself, we went out and scouted the best clothing and accessories around. What is a personal shopping platform good for anyways if it can’t bring you the latest, hottest trends? Let me tell you, MRKet and Project have brought some amazing new styles to the table.


2013 Headshot

Meet our stylist: Leslie

Leslie Gilbert-Morales is San Diego-born, New York City image consultant and stylist.  Leslie is the founder of Enhance Your Style, a full-service image enhancing company. She began her career over ten years ago as a merchandiser and buyer then made a move to the creative side. Upon arriving in New York in 2001, Leslie established her network in finance as well as pursuing her styling training at world renowned, Fashion Institute of Technology.  Leslie quickly embraced the path she created as a freelance stylist and working with high-profile executive leaders. Leslie routinely collaborates with corporate clients styling on-air personalities and marketing events.



History Behind the Quality: Solid and Striped

This fairly new company is making quite a splash in the fashion world. Solid and Striped launched just two years ago in 2012, and since then has gotten quite a following. Isaac Ross, the founder, came up with the idea when spying on his friend’s father at a Hampton’s pool party. The gent was wearing a wonderfully classy pair of blue and white striped swim trunks from Club 55. Meanwhile all the young folk were looking like clowns in their flashy swim shorts. It was then that Mr. Ross knew there was a hole in the market that he could fill. Thus, we present to you, the “elegant simplicity” of Solid and Striped.



It’s all in the Details: World Cup

Who doesn’t like watching the World Cup? Every four years, when this event comes around, we all gather to support our country and our team. The thrill is infectious. Even the people who don’t really understand soccer just can’t resist joining in on the excitement. Sports have a way of bringing us all together and getting us in that red, white, and blue.

Well, so far so good for the United States soccer team. Although we had a slightly disappointing draw against Portugal on Monday, experts are still feeling optimistic. We are all anxiously awaiting the game against Germany. Unfortunately we don’t get a month off of work to enjoy every bit of soccer, but we want to support team USA tomorrow at noon. Since you probably can’t wear a jersey to work, you have to be a little more innovative when representing the team. The question then becomes – how do you support your team while still looking elegant for the work place?



History Behind the Quality: Hook+ALBERT

If you don’t already know, Hook+ALBERT is a men’s accessory line that has taken the fashion world by storm. Old college pals, Cory Rosenberg and Adam Schoenberg co-founded the company when they were reunited in Sweden for a wedding. At the reception they automatically notice each other’s brightly colored, polka dot socks; a great conversation start that led them into years worth of dialog. Their mutual affinity for socks drove them to establish a brand the encompassed contemporary accessories.



How To: Loafers

We have come around to that sunny, lively time of year again, summer. It is hotter than anyone ever wants it to be. Unlike your younger years, you no longer have the option to cool off at the pool or beach on a daily basis. Those three-month of relaxation summer use to provide us are gone, so we need to find a new way to bring a little ease into our everyday lives.


allen edmond

History behind the Quality: Allen Edmonds

In terms of shoes, Allen Edmonds makes some of the best men’s dress shoes around. Founded in 1922, this shoe manufacturing company has kept their factories in the United States, resisting the temptation to move operations overseas. Although it would be more cost effective for them to manufacture internationally, Allen Edmonds feels that could cause their product to decline in quality, which is not an option. They are dedicated to their fine craftsmanship and American manufacturing employment. For them it is all about the handmade classic American dress shoe. (more…)